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You can further your 'psychic how to' awareness on any of the topics in this section by
contacting Sam and attending the Psychic School of Learning.

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Sam's life journey began as a psychic medium clairvoyant at the age of seven when she first saw spirit children who would communicate to her from the other world. Her fascination with the paranormal has helped her to achieve confidence, love of people and life. Knowing that there is something much more than us when we leave Mother Earth. She has been running a psychic school at the Metta Centre where everyone of life comes to grow and develop their psychic and intuitive awareness. This has been profound and helpful for many others and herself. Teachers, Healers and professionals seek to find that we all have so much in common.

Sam would like to help others to link into their psychic potential and help them to change their life as it changed hers, by introducing a greater understanding of psychic awareness. Everyone has psychic potential and step by step, Samantha can explain how to release the gift.

Sam is available for consultation on any of the subjects found on these pages and can provide workshops both at her home or, providing the numbers are adequate, at a place of your own choosing.

1. Fear of your Psychic Abilities (and how to combat it)

To feel atmospheres accurately we need to be balanced and calm. The whole of the physical body is so sensitive that it is aware what is in our aura. When we are in a state of fear parts of our body become immobile while other parts try to distance themselves and this makes it impossible to be sensitive to any degree, then the only energy we will pick up on is our own fear...
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2. Developing the Psychic in You

Learn how to strengthen your Auric Protection and discover the Art of Scrying, a form of divination using your inner images to project onto a physical object...
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3. Bubble of Protection

The most popular strategy of psychic protection creating a protective bubble or sometimes an egg around one self. It is best to imagine a sense of feeling that you are inside a bubble, and that nothing negative can enter...
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4. Claircognizance

Even though our physical body is the only one that we are able to see, touch, hear, taste and smell on the physical plane, we are all aware that there is so much more to every human being. In fact, we actually have four bodies...
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5. How to Use a Pendulum

The pendulum can be used for many subjects such as to find a lost object, this can be also used outdoors to locate an area on a map for yes or no answers to a problem, for example "Will this be a good time for me to travel?"...
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6. Spiritual Bathing

Since earliest times people have recognised the benefits of a warm relaxing bath. Not only does it clean you, but it can also re-charge your batteries and set you up to face life's challenges...
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7. Meditation - Colour Ray of Lights

Meditating gives you focus on your inner self and collect all those scattered energies. This process, allows you to engage colour as part of healing the body...
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8. Space Clearing with Angels

When you are preparing yourself to do a space clearing, it is best to ask at all times for guidance from the angels, in most cultures there are traditions for invoking help from the unseen...
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9. The Power of Animals

When you feel totally connected to your inner self and at ease in your daily meditation, choose an animal. Some people feel mystically connected to certain animals...
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10. Beginning your Journey

The journey begins with you. Discover how to plan your life better.

11. Life makeover

So many people loose their way in life because of the demands made on them. Find out how life coaching can help.

12. Numerology

Does the day you were born matter? Discover what your birth date holds for you.

13. Treasure House

What does treasure house offer? This is an important part of who we are and where we live, for our own wellbeing family and friends.

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