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Psychic Life Path Readings


All readings are competitively priced please call for details, members receive discounts & vouchers on readings.

Bronze Reading 25 mins
3 months forcast, this is the reading that gives you answers to those thoughts in your mind that are holding you back. The most important aspects of your life are your health, family, your true soul mate, Samantha can guide you and show you the true potential of your life path.

Silver Reading 40mins
6 months forcast of unlocking your destiny, letting go of the past and creating the future.  This is a consultation where Samantha will help you to bridge the link between your guides and your loved ones in the afterlife. Create positive thought inspiring magic to enhance your inner knowing.  Let your guides and angels be your light.

Gold Reading 55 mins
9 months forcast For those who are feeling stuck at a loss, and are searching for a purpose in life. This is the reading for you.
Guidance psychic insights of how to unlock the key to your present situation. Samantha Hamilton will be using her many gifts which have been passed down through the generations. Psychic life coach extraordinary information that only you know she will predict.

Platiunum Reading 1hr 10 mins
The platinum reading is truly empowering looking into past life issues connecting with loved ones on the other side, past, present, future predictions given.
Mapping out your goals, looking into the future on love, personal matters of the heart.  Find out who your soul mate is and how to make a relationship work for you.  This reading is broken down into three sections, first three months, 6 months then the year ahead.  This reading can help you to turn your life around.

Other prices

Phone for current price as special offers are often given for existing clients.

  • Samantha Hamilton's Horoscope predictions with Tarot (includes written report and live reading in person or over the phone)
  • Personalised birth charts (written report)
  • The Love Chart - Is he/she your soul mate? (written report)
  • Crystal horoscope personalized readings (written report)
  • Baby and Child Horoscope (written report)
  • Daily Horoscope and Psychic Reading combined (written report)
  • Chinese horoscope
  • Mandala and reading
  • In-depth Feng Shui Report (on CD)

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