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Feng Shui consultations are available at your home or your office.
Due to the individuality of each consultation, please call Samantha for further details.

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Enhance your life with Feng Shui
Bringing in the Balance


Feng Shui is an ancient discipline that affects our whole being, our environment in which we live and work, it influences are emotional spiritual and physical well being. It creates balance in your life and once we start to make the changes that are required, you will also notice your health, aspirations, love, relationships, family ties and social life will soon improve, along with your finances and career. It is important that you clear clutter from your home and working environment if this is possible.

Feng Shui (pronounced foong-schway) means wind and water.

Facing and sitting directions of your home

The facing direction is the front of your house that faces the "yang" (active) energy, the sitting direction is actually more important this is the area that has the most "yin" (quiet) energy. The sitting direction determines your properties Trigram. So if your property faces 350 degrees north, the sitting direction is 170 degrees south, so the Trigram for this property is "Li".

Now we know that this is a "Li" property we would know that the best colour to paint this property on the outside would be fire colours, red, orange, purple etc.

Yang (facing Direction): Where the most active and lively energy can be found.

The facing direction of your home is usually where you have one or more of the following:

  • A main road.
  • Busy footpath.
  • A moving river or stream.
  • The side of your house with the most windows.
  • The name of the street.
  • A school or playground.
  • Your front door.
  • A view of the countryside.

Yin (sitting direction): This is where the smallest amount of energy is present.

The sitting direction of your home is usually where you have one or more of the following:

  • Your Garden or alleyway.
  • Tall leafy trees.
  • Small dark rooms.
  • The quietest side of your home.
  • The side of your home that is the most unattractive showing guttering and pipe work etc across the main-wall.

A Feng Shui Report

A Feng Shui report covers aspects to your personal growth, self image, success, relationships, health, recognition, material success and family.

If you have concerns about your Health, Relationship, or financial worries, or just bad luck a Feng Shui consultation can help you.

How to tell if you have bad Feng Shui:

  • Feeling tired and persistent sickness.
  • Sore throats, chest problems, colds, headaches and skin rashes.
  • Negative thinking, always assuming the worst.
  • Arguments with family about money.
  • Legal concerns.
  • Behavioural problems with your children.
  • Troubled or lack of relationships.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Lack of incentive.
  • Accidents involving metal.
  • Overall feeling of bad luck.

Although the list above can relate to everyday problems if you can answer yes to some of the above, you will recognize if your Feng Shui is positive or negative.

feng shui house plan

In the example house plan above the East area of the home is where the fame and relationship areas are.

East - Bathroom and Bedroom (Fame & Relationship areas).

This creates problems around reproductive system and hearing problems. This combination encourages gambling habits. This is not a good area especially for teenagers. Use metal cures to weaken and with six Chinese coins in a row tied with red ribbon and a six rod hollow metal wind chime. Keep these rooms active with windows and doors open and also a good place for a TV or music. Good colours to use here are metal colours like white, silver, gold or copper.

A fengshui report includes:

  • Positive & Negative colours and where to use them in your home when decorating.
  • Fortunate & Negative Directions in your home.
  • Your Best time of the day.
  • Protection Pendant to wear.
  • Best place to face your desk and bed.
  • Health Vulnerabilities.
  • Relationship Compatibility.
  • Where to place items to attract money, wealth and ensure good health.
  • 10 tips on Feng Shui for your home.
  • Detailed house plans of your home, indicating areas of the bagua map. Full report on the feng shui in your home (Typical report consists of 7 pages).

The 5 elements

the five elements


Element: Fire symbolized by summer, fire and heat. Positively stands for honour and justice. Negatively antagonism and conflict. Associated with symbols of the sun, any light from candles, triangle shapes and the colour red.


Element: Earth. This is symbolized by natural quartz crystals, or paired items such as hearts or candles. Positively denotes sprite, knowledge and intuition. Negatively represents expectation. Associated with the colour yellow, clay, brick or terracotta and square shapes.


Element: Metal symbolized by autumn and strength, statues made of metal, and any electrical appliances. Positively it represents contacts, ideas and fairness. Negatively suggests damage and risks. Associated with any metal objects, coins or clocks the colour white and round shapes.


Element: Water symbolized by winter, rain and storms. Positively it nurtures and assists with understanding. Negatively it exhausts. Associated with lakes and streams, glass mirrors, water fountains and ponds and the colour blue or black.


Element: Wood symbolized by spring, healthy plants. Wood energy is expansive, nurturing and versatile. Associated with trees, wooden furniture, paper and a dark green colour.

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