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Your Dreams

If you would like Samantha Hamilton to use her unique ability to tap into the meanings behind your dreams, to predict your past, present and future, then contact Sam now.


An introduction to Dreams

Dreams are just one form of paranormal communication, astral travelling is another, but there are many forms which psychic and medium Samantha Hamilton has to ability to use and interpretate.

Samantha Hamilton, who is able to see the astral body, believes that it is connected to the physical body by a silver cord, and we travel in the dream state with this body; a number of people have experienced this occurrence during operations and surgery when they have witnessed themselves having the surgery as they floated above the operating table.

When we die this cord is disconnected and the dream or astral body no longer communicates with the physical body.

Types of psychic dreams and premonitions

It has been stated that our dreams are a way for our subconscious to work with our hidden fears. Most people believe there is only one type of dreaming but, in fact, there are a number of dream phenomena.

  • Clairaudient dreams
    These dreams mostly contain sounds and noises where information is given in a auditory form.
  • Clairvoyant dreams
    When someone dreams of an event which is actually taking place at the same time they are having the dream. Like a witness of events as they happen.
  • Empathic dreams
    Sympathetic feelings and sensations experienced as you dream of events and situations.
  • Telepathic dreams
    Telepathic dreams are concerned with receiving communications in the dream state from distant events, situations and people's experiences, often when danger or trauma is being experienced.
To discover why you dream what you do, check out the A - Z of dreams where has given her interpretation of your dreams.

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